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Our Mission

Thank Israeli Soldiers educates and empowers soldiers throughout their IDF service and beyond.

They are on the front lines to protect Israel and freedom everywhere.

They deserve our gratitude and support. Join us to Thank Israeli Soldiers.


A broad cross-section of Israeli entertainers, organizations and businessman are supporting Thank Israeli Soldiers, drawing on their personal experiences in the army and their ongoing support for soldiers.

Idan Raichel, Israeli singer-songwriter widely acclaimed for the Idan Raichel Project

Dear Friends, I know the founders of this wonderful project personally and fully support ‘Thank Israeli Soldiers.

Ehud Banai, the “Bob Dylan” of Israel

Twice now, I had the great merit to appear before soldiers in the Rehabilitation Department of the Tel HaShomer Hospital.

Ninette Tayeb, Israeli Singing Phenomena and Winner of Israel’s “Star is Born”

I think that last Purim was the first time I truly felt - not through the barriers of television or newspapers- the inferno of the Second Lebanon War.

Rami Shalmor, Shalmor-Avnon-Amichay, Young & Rubicam

Thank Israeli Soldiers’ is the name we chose for this important organization at the beginning of our work together. Read more...

Amnon Shiloni, CEO Reshet Gimel Radio Station

Thank Israeli Soldiers’ is a most important Zionist effort, whose goal that is shared by a consensus of our nation.

Shlomi Shabat, Popular Israeli Singer called the Father of Mizrahi Music

When I think about sending a care package to Israeli soldiers, I remember when I was a soldier during the Yom Kippur War.

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Petach Tikva

In the eminent, but divided Jewish world there are not many bodies that are able to be a factor in unifying the entire Jewish nation.

Avraham Tal, Popular Israeli Singer

What has always made the Israel Defense Force unique is its neshama(soul). The IDF is made up of its soldiers.

Sharon Haziz, Popular Israeli Singer

Dear Soldiers, I am grateful for the chance to tell you a few words, an opportunity I don’t get every day.

Din Din Aviv, Israeli Pop Music Star

I remember a very special experience when I performed before drowsy combat soldiers in the middle of the night.

Synergia, One of Israel’s biggest rock n’ roll band

During the past few years we were introduced with some moving personal stories of Israeli soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our country.
Read more....

Doron Medali, Producer of Israel’s Star is Born, Songwriter and Performer

Dear Friends, Most of you were probably once in the army. A young boy in uniform passes on the street.

HaMirpasot Band, Israel Rock ‘n ‘Roll Band,

As one whose army service is still fresh in his mind, I can attest that, when you are a soldier, the connection to civilians is a very precious thing.
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