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Thank Israeli Soldiers educates and empowers soldiers throughout their IDF service and beyond.

They are on the front lines to protect Israel and freedom everywhere.

They deserve our gratitude and support. Join us to Thank Israeli Soldiers.

Avraham Tal, Popular Israeli Singer

“What has always made the Israel Defense Force unique is its neshama(soul). The IDF is made up of its soldiers, and those soldiers are our friends and classmates, the neighbor’s son… our soldiers are just big kids who recently finished school. Sometimes we forget that they are the small individuals that make up this big thing called the IDF. I remember when I was a soldier in basic training, and I received a package. It was full of treats and goodies, and also a picture and letter from the person who sent it. It was amazing that I could feel such love and care from a far-off stranger. Suddenly, you are no longer alone. Suddenly, you feel that someone out there knows what you’re going through. Someone cares about you and wants to do something to boost your morale. It doesn’t matter what your political views are, whether you agree or disagree. At the end of the day, it’s our friends who are there, standing behind us, and it’s enough that they know we are with them. They must feel we are with them. Sometimes I take it for granted that I am being protected at home with my children. I forget that every single minute, there are soldiers sitting and guarding over me. So thank you, dear soldier. I love you from the bottom of my heart and thank you with all my soul. I am glad to have the opportunity to write here. It reminds me again how grateful I am to the young boys who give their all to protect us.
With love:
Avraham Tal”
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