Thank Israeli Soldiers Mission

Thank Israeli Soldiers educates, empowers and embraces soldiers throughout their IDF service and beyond.

They deserve our gratitude and support.

With your help we have engaged the following numbers of soldiers:


“I firmly believe that Momentum is a critically important project.I have seen results from the very start. If it were up to me, I would expand this vital project to serve the entire IDF … It is our utmost responsibility to do everything possible for our soldiers who have served their country. They are the future of the country.”


“My thanks to the Momentum team for their excellent work. This is an issue that is sorely lacking an army response ad is absolutely essential. I hold the program in high esteem and wish to support it in every possible way.”

Brigadier General

Momentum workshops are a milestone in soldiers’ IDF service. As a commander I believe that it is imperative to thank our soldiers and prepare them for the next stage in their lives … and to acknowledge each and every soldier‘s personal growth and the resourcefulness that he received during his service.

Brigadier General

“Momentum is a superb gift for a commander who wants to thank their soldiers for their enormous contribution during their service. In addition it empowers us to transform these soldiers to even better citizens … this is an absolutely essential project and I am delighted to be able to provide my soldiers with Momentum seminars.”


“Amazing seminar, gives a lot to the combats soldiers and to the whole unit, it’s very important to make sure that the seminars continue”

Lt. Col . Commander Maglan unit

“It is a great, excellent, relevant seminar. The brigade was one of the pioneers to start it. We will continue to invest time and resources to make it happen. The soldier’s comments in the end of the seminar speak to itself”

Lt. Col, Kefir Brigade)

“The seminar is very important for making the closure with the soldiers. It assists us to express our gratitude and appreciation for the soldiers’ service. They give they get. We thank Momentum for the continuous cooperation over the years. We intend to expand it in 2017” 

Lt. Col.  Education Corps

“The technological unit in the intelligence corps see a great value in Momentum seminars. After a hard and intensive service, the seminars help to prepare the soldiers to the civilian life and help us to care for them towards their transition. It convinces the soldiers to keep doing for the Israeli society even after the army”


Lt. Col 8153

“Excellent seminar, an opportunity for us, the commanders, to prepare our soldiers to the new life as civilians and to show our appreciation for the service that they gave.”


Lt. Col. Golani

“An effective seminar. It gives to the commander the possibility to say proper goodbye to their soldiers and to equip them with knowledge and tools. The feedbacks from the soldiers and the commanders is great, we started in two units and now almost all the units participate in seminar. We would like to grow even more in 2017. Thank you for giving us a gift to give our soldiers”

(Major Intelligence corps)

“Momentum create success going into central channels: it focus is on mental awareness at the point of becoming a civilian, proactive thinking,  responsibility  responsible for choices. It’s a great platform that gives the soldiers agood feeling about their service. Thank you from the depth of my heart”

Col., Counterterror warfare

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