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Our Mission

Thank Israeli Soldiers educates and empowers soldiers throughout their IDF service and beyond.

They are on the front lines to protect Israel and freedom everywhere.

They deserve our gratitude and support. Join us to Thank Israeli Soldiers.


About Us

Empowering Israeli Soldiers

Strengthening the Connection to Israel and Our Heritage


Israeli soldiers put their lives on the line every day to protect and defend freedom everywhere.  It’s a tough job that’s only getting harder in the face of growing anti-Israel world sentiment. Soldiers need, and deserve, our support.


Together with people from around the world, Thank Israeli Soldiers empowers, embraces and educates the brave men and women who serve Israel.


Thank Israeli Soldiers supports the following project and programs for soldiers:


  • The Jerusalem Experience – Soldiers see, hear and touch Jerusalem’s 3500 year old history through our interactive lectures and tours. 
  • The Jerusalem Weekend Experience – Soldiers experience Shabbat in the Old City with dancing at the Western Wall, home hospitality, lively meals, tours and inspiring interactions with caring people from around the world. 


  • Extraordinary Celebrations–Thousands of letters are delivered yearly on behalf of people from around the world. Special events and bar/bat mitzvot celebrations give soldiers a strong show of love and support.


  • Momentum After-Army Empowerment Program-Thousands of Israeli soldiers face a challenging transition from military service to civilian life every year.  Momentum’s 2-3 day seminar, interactive website and Facebook page empower soldiers with tools and direction to begin their future with confidence and support. 


Israeli soldiers are the backbone of a secure Israel, today and tomorrow.   Show them your gratitude and support, and become a partner in protecting Israel and freedom everywhere.


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Thank Israeli Soldiers is the registered trade name of Fund for Israel’s Tomorrow (FIT), 
a tax-exempt non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the 
Internal Revenue Code, Federal Tax ID #35-2374190.

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Upon request, TIS can provide the governing documents, conflict of

interest policy and financial statements.

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