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These have been some of the most difficult months here in our beloved Israel. Months of immense mourning and pain. 

At the same time, we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and selfless giving from abroad. Times of crisis reveal who our true friends are and YOU have moved us with your unflinching solidarity and support.

The army is gearing up for an extended war and we urgently need your help to sustain the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our soldiers.

This is a defining moment for the Jewish people.

Each of us is being called on to do even more with our resources, our energies, and our voice to defend the Jewish people in Israel and abroad.

The TIS team has spent many sleepless nights taking nonstop calls from hundreds of units requesting supplies.

Over 3,500 of our volunteers have mobilized to support them. We have been calling donors and using all of our connections with certified IDF suppliers to order materials and deliver over 280,000 supplies (and counting) as fast as possible.

Send letters to soldiers! 

Momentum IDF

28 General Pierre Koenig St.

Jerusalem, Israel 9346936

*Please remember that our soldiers are Israeli and not native English speakers so please keep it short and sweet

You can also send a WhatsApp video to +1-201-6208540.

With your help we sent over


essential supplies since Oct 7
to over 70,000 soldiers.

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