Get involved

Volunteer at the warehouse

If you’re in Israel and would like to volunteer at the warehouse please visit to signup. 

You will help pack packages for soldiers, write letters, take inventory, load up cars etc.

Sponsor A Program

Israeli soldiers are on the frontline to stop terror in Israel's cities and on her borders. Show your appreciation and support for their service with your generous donation. Donations are tax-deductible in the USA.

Thank You For Your Support

Create And Launch Your Own Fundraising Campaign For Israeli Soldiers

Raise funding for Israeli soldiers in your community, school or organization and determine where you want the funds to go. Add your own story and motivation for the campaign and send it out to all your friends, family and networks via email or social media. Make a difference in the best possible way!

Contact us via the website to start your campaign!

Send A Letter To An Israeli Soldier/s

Join others worldwide in writing a personal letter to an Israeli soldier on the front lines to show them support and encouragement for defending the Jewish people and The State of Israel!

Celebrate Your Event With Thank Israeli Soldiers

Make your life cycle event extraordinary with Thank Israeli Soldiers. The joy and significance of any special event is truly enhanced when used as an opportunity to give to others. Pack packages, a treasure hunt in the Old City of Jerusalem or other activities that you and your family experience together with Thank Israeli Soldiers is a wonderful, personal way to express your thanks on your special occasion.