Thank Israeli Soldiers educates, empowers and embraces soldiers throughout their IDF service and beyond.
Soldiers are on the front lines to protect Israel and freedom everywhere. They deserve our gratitude and support.
Join Us To Thank Israeli Soldiers.

Want to thank an Israeli soldier for their service? Record a video message thanking an Israeli soldier, speaking in whatever language you are most comfortable.

Send you video over whatsapp to +972-2-627- 2020.

Our Past Achievements

With your help we have engaged the following numbers of soldiers:



“Dear Friends, I know the founders of this wonderful project personally and fully support ‘Thank Israeli Soldiers. The idea of helping Israeli citizens and overseas supporters send care packages to Israeli soldiers is a fulfillment of the Jewish ideal…

Idan Raichel
Israeli singer-songwriter widely acclaimed for the Idan Raichel Project

Twice now, I had the great merit to appear before soldiers in the Rehabilitation Department of the Tel HaShomer Hospital, with the organization and assistance of the dear people who are now establishing the Foundation “For the Soldiers with Love”, whose goal is of the highest importance: to contribute to the warm and direct bond of the people of Israel and of the world with the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.

Ehud Banai
The "Bob Dylan" of Israel

Shlomo Shabat

“My greatest joy and excitement is to perform before Israel’s soldiers. It is so great to see their faces happy and smiling and to see them dancing and going crazy to the music. Who knows what they just came back from? Who knows where they’re headed? I think it’s important to do a good deed and send a soldier a care package—or send a few soldiers a care package! And most important…don’t forget the halvah! With love.”

Shlomi Shabat
Popular Israeli Singer called the Father of Mizrachi Music

The initiative of the “For Soldiers with Love” is blessed. Whether you live in Israel or abroad, contribute your time and  send a gift full of energy and warmth. It’s a little bit of yourself, and a huge feeling for them. I wish lots of success to the Foundation and to those who are partners in the work, and wish all of us safer years.

Ninette Tayeb
Israeli Singing Phenomena and Winner of Israel’s “Star is Born”

“I firmly believe that Momentum is a critically important project.I have seen results from the very start. If it were up to me, I would expand this vital project to serve the entire IDF … It is our utmost responsibility to do everything possible for our soldiers who have served their country. They are the future of the country.”


“My thanks to the Momentum team for their excellent work. This is an issue that is sorely lacking an army response ad is absolutely essential. I hold the program in high esteem and wish to support it in every possible way.”

Brigadier General

Momentum workshops are a milestone in soldiers’ IDF service. As a commander I believe that it is imperative to thank our soldiers and prepare them for the next stage in their lives … and to acknowledge each and every soldier‘s personal growth and the resourcefulness that he received during his service.

Brigadier General

“Momentum is a superb gift for a commander who wants to thank their soldiers for their enormous contribution during their service. In addition it empowers us to transform these soldiers to even better citizens … this is an absolutely essential project and I am delighted to be able to provide my soldiers with Momentum seminars.”


We believe that it’s very important for the soldiers to know that the people identify with their cause, especially when they are far way from home. We appreciate their great work and sacrifice. Therefore, we praise the initiative to launch this website that enables the ones, who think like us, donate, and send a special package for the soldiers, to bring a smile on their faces.

One of Israel’s biggest rock n’ roll band

We Can Support Israeli Soldiers Together.