Thanks to Zahal

Our Mission

Thank Israeli Soldiers educates and empowers soldiers throughout their IDF service and beyond.

They are on the front lines to protect Israel and freedom everywhere.

They deserve our gratitude and support. Join us to Thank Israeli Soldiers.

Amnon Shiloni, CEO Reshet Gimel Radio Station

Amnon Shiloni, CEO Reshet Gimel Radio Station: “ ‘Thank Israeli Soldiers’ is a most important Zionist effort, whose goal that is shared by a consensus of our nation, both left and right, Sefardi and Ashkenazi. As a retired soldier and officer, I remember the good feelings that packages brought me during the Yom Kippur War-- care packages from home and from my colleagues at work. Till today, the taste of the bittersweet chocolate sent by my mother, may her memory be blessed, is with me. I can still feel the warmth of the new socks and underclothes that the Israel Broadcasting Network sent me in the early days of the war. So it is with great appreciation that I bless your initiative and your desire to support the soldiers of the Israel Defense Force, wherever they are found.”
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