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Thank you from Aurele


Dear Susan,


I'm sorry it's only now that I'm sending this mail to you, I arrived home yesterday and in the base we don't have the possibility to access the Internet.

It's important to me to send this "thank you" letter, because your visit was truly a unique experience for us.

Seeing you guys coming especially for us, with this great sensation of gratitude made us think "all of this is for us? what for? what have we done special?"

Well, I'm guessing that this feeling was normal, due to the fact that here, in Israel, we didn't do anything special. Serving in the army is part of every Israeli's life. Our older brothers have done it, our younger sister will do it, and unfortunately, our kids will probably do it too.

The reason your visit was so important, is because it made us pause for a few moments from our everyday life, and see that what we are doing isn't taken for granted. That it is appreciated.

This appreciation means a lot for us. It gives us strength and desire to continue.

I personally think your trip to Israel is a wonderful project. I hope you had a good time here and maybe also got to see a bit of Israel's beauty.

In case that the message was not clear, I think I can summarize it in two words:

Thank you.






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