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Our Mission

Thank Israeli Soldiers educates, embraces and empowers the soldiers of today...the leaders of tomorrow.

Join us to show your gratitude and support to the people who are on the front lines to protect Israel and
freedom everywhere.

TIS Supported Soldier Programs

The New Kest Soldiers Center

Israeli soldiers protect and defend for three years. Now, you have the opportunity to support them when you join us to build the first Center in the Old City of Jerusalem dedicated to soldiers. Your generosity will leave its mark on the thousands of soldiers that will benefit from our signature programs in this state of the art facility.

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Jerusalem Experience

Beyond the weapons and radar,
the hidden strength of an Israeli soldier
is his connection and commitment to
his people and to his land. Through educational and inspirational programs in the heart of Jerusalem,
The Jerusalem Experience empowers the present day defenders of Israel to reinforce t
heir 3500 year old bond.

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Momentum After Army Empowerment Program

“I received great tools for my civilian life.”

Israeli soldiers put their lives on the line to protect and defend Israel. They devote years of their lives taking responsibility for life-and-death decisions and as they complete their service, they face even more challenges in the transition from military to civilian life.


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Jerusalem Weekend Experience

It is about tradition, history and unity. A Shabbaton in the Old City of Jerusalem is a celebration of the senses.  It is an opportunity for Israeli soldiers to see, hear and taste the all-embracing warmth that defines Judaism. Lectures, personal stories, dancing at the Kotel and wonderful traditional meals with Jews from all over the world make Shabbat more than a day of rest. It nurtures our soldiers and revitalizes their sense of purpose.

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Extraordinary Celebrations with Israeli Soldiers

Make your  life cycle event extraordinary by expressing your appreciation and support for Israeli soldiers. The joy and significance of any special event is truly enhanced when used as a lever to give to others. Festive meals, a treasure hunt in the Old City of Jerusalem, a sponsored Shabbat for soldiers or other activities that you and your family experience together with Israeli soldiers is a wonderful, personal way to express your thanks to soldiers on your child’s bar/bat mitzvah or any special occasion.

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